Vocal: Some of Papa Tchoup’s vocals were overdubbed to correct a few clipping issues. This helped counter some of the undesired distortions that prevented the pushing of gain in open areas where headroom was available.

Horns: Space echo and reverb plates were incorporated to help produce a sound more consistent with a live marching band. Typically, they march through City streets, where sound bounces off buildings and streets. Also, volume levels were manipulated, and delays were added on tracks to produce breathing sounds consistent with wind instruments. Last, more panning and to spreaders to help produce a wider sound (just as New Orleans marching bands take up the entire width of the street).

Guitars: Mr. Art Sevin recreated the guitar solo, introducing a sound and structure he felt was more consistent with the song’s structure and theme. He played through a PRS, utilizing Wah and Tube Screamer pedals with an exciting pedal arrangement that produced a solo he felt implied the “chaos feel” and the sound of “ducks gone wild.”

Unique notes: Art added a guitar track where he felt the duck movement and waddle were emphasized in a funky way.


Hold up
Is that a duck in my yard
Somebody grab my dawg
Better grab my cat, too
Y'all better stand back
Before they come after you

It's a Quack Attack

Waiting for the parade
To come down here
Walking through the City
My favorite time of year

Seeing all my people
Makes me jump and shout
Moving up and down the street
That's what it's all about

Everyone get ready
The ducks are on the loose
Marching on the neutral ground
They know they got the juice

Here they come!
Get out of the way
From Audubon Zoo
Where the quackers stay
You better widen the street
Get your ladder out of the way

Here come the Marching Wolves!

Start out at Tchoupitoulas
Go up Henry Clay
Go right on Saint Charles
Where Anne Rice used to stay

Go by Haydel's and get me a King Cake
Free Shipping

Where Emeril Lagasse at
Get me a steak

Go on by the Ice House
Go see Morgus
And Chopsley
Maybe they'll throw me something

Them ducks is eatin' all my King Cake
On a street car headin' to City Park

Y'all coulda had done been pulled up

Only in New Orleans

Y'all get outta that ditch
The song is over
Y'all done ate all my King Cake
It's gone